(DOBLE AMARILLA newsroom) Diego Armando Maradona was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma today. His doctor, Leopoldo Luque, confirmed that the legendary footballer will undergo surgery tonight at a clinic, located in Olivos (Province of Buenos Aires).  

The coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata was hospitalized yesterday night at the Sanatorio Ipensa in La Plata (capital city of the Province of Buenos Aires), after suffering from anaemia and dehydration. During a routine health check-up, doctors discovered that Maradona has a collection of blood between the covering and surface of his brain. He was taken to the other medical center in an ambulance and with police escort this evening.

“The diagnosis was delayed because it does not have so much clinical presentation. Finally we decided to examine him and I will operate him with my team at the Olivos clinic. He (Maradona) understands the situation and agrees with the operation", said Luque. The neurosurgeon will be one of the doctors in charge of the surgery. According to information given to Doble Amarilla, Luque’s main collaborator will be Pablo Rubino. 

Argentina Soccer Association’s doctor, Donato Villani, who was along Maradona when Luque gave him the news, stated that Diego was “collected”. 

The results of the first studies made yesterday were normal and Maradona was expected to be discharged, after feeling well. But today, a subdural hematoma was found during a computed tomography scan and doctors decided to operate him, with his consent.  

Meanwhile, Dalma, Gianinna, Diego Junior and Jana Maradona decided to fill a legal action to request the custody of their father. The Olivos’ clinic has already been notified. They also requested to ban the entrance into the medical institution to any other people rather than Maradona’s family members and to have access to the patient’s medical history.